Webster Hopes Indian Adventure Will Push Rovers On

As previously alluded to in my post re: my interview with Liam O’Brien, I finally managed to catch up with Shamrock Rovers defender David Webster after their prolonged stay in India for the Sait Nagjee Amarsee International tournament, in which they bowed out at the semi-final stage.

David first broke through at Bray Wanderers in 2009 at just nineteen years old, and proceeded to become a mainstay in the back-line until November 2014 when he made the big move to Rovers under Pat Fenlon. A solid debut season saw him make 24 appearances, including a goal in the Europa League against Luxembourg outfit Progrés Niederkorn.

However what may have been a fruitful season for him as an individual wasn’t the case for Rovers on the whole, as a campaign laden with too many draws saw them finish third place in the league and far off eventual winners Dundalk. Webster acknowledges this himself and is adamant that these shortcomings can and will be rectified coming into the new season, with silverware wherever possible being the goal.



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